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Falcon 50 Overview
The Falcon 50 is a long-range aircraft with a spacious seating arrangement. The stand-up cabin measures 5.8 feet high, 6.1 feet wide, and 23 feet long and offers 9 executive cabin seats.

Intercontinental range combined with stylish amenities sets the Falcon 50 apart - a true performance based aircraft while making no compromise in comfort.

► Full forward galley with coffee maker, microwave and oven
► Airstair – Port side
► CD player hookups
► Aft lavatory

► 9 passenger seating
► Cabin Attendant available per request
► Range: 4,100 Miles
► Speed: 550 MPH
► Baggage Volume Internal: 25.0 cu.ft.
► Baggage Volume External: 90.0 cu.ft.
► Based in Van Nuys, California
► Ideal for domestic and international flight needs