Film and Photography

Aerial Photography
Aerial photography is the taking of photographs from an elevated position. The camera is not supported by a ground-based structure but rather by an aircraft – usually an airplane or a helicopter.

Aerial Filming
With advancements in video technology, aerial video is becoming more popular as the field becomes more accessible. Aerial filming may be used to produce video for mapping pipelines, crop fields, and other points of interest. Using GPS, video may be embedded with meta data and later synced with a video mapping program.

Aerial filming is often used to provide real-time information for security and patrol outfits. Chrysler Aviation has unique experience in custom designed aircraft for special research and patrol missions.

‘Spatial Multimedia’ allows the union of digital media including still photography, motion video, stereo, panoramic imagery sets, immersive media constructs, audio, and other data with location and date-time information from GPS and other location designs.

Aerial video is a tool used to facilitate emerging ‘spatial multimedia’ needs which can then be used for scene understanding and object tracking. The input video is captured by low flying aerial platforms and typically consists of strong parallax from non-ground-plane structures.