Established in 1977 by Jack F. Chrysler, Jr., Chrysler Aviation was originally chartered as a Part 135 Air Carrier and airline simulator training facility.

Training airline and executive jet pilots for decades, Chrysler Aviation’s commitment to its corporate vendors became widely respected in the aviation industry. With highly qualified professionals directing each program, training was thorough and expeditious. Chrysler Aviation offered jet training in advanced multi-monitor simulators, the first jet training program of its kind in the west coast. While the jet training program is no longer actively offered, Chrysler Aviation continues to serve the community by offering its resources for consulting and ground training.

To meet the increase demand for jet charter Chrysler Aviation continues to expand its executive aircraft fleet. Based at the busiest general aviation airport in North America and operating with the finest flight crews available, Chrysler Aviation continues to serve the industry as a proud worldwide operator with a modern fleet of executive aircraft.